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I’m Catherine,
Your New BBF in
 Finding Authenticity
& Abundance!

There is something MAGICAL about discovering who you are. By leaning into the sparkle of you, when you level-up in all areas of your life;  creatively, financially and in setting boundaries.


Ready  to  Sparkle & Shine?

In my late twenties I found myself with over six figures of medical, school, & credit card debt. It was overwhelming and it felt like there was no way out. The first things I did was binge hours of budgeting videos on youtube and worked on my mindset.

Over time it does get better.

We took all the tools that helped successfully improve every aspect of my financial life
 and put it (yes, everything!) into a course you can work through the next 90 days.

Level Up The Way You’re Showing Up For Yourself!

90 Day Money Mindset Course


What merit badge around making money have you been wearing most of your life?
Hardworking! No Chill! Busy!
What if you didn't wear them as a badge of honor and you could make money?
That's what we talk about in 90MM.

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Enneagram Lens

The lens you see the world through isn't the same as everyone else. Your priority #1 is just that - your priority and if we can learn the language of how we see the world we can better improve our love of self and extend that even further to  others


Align the Stars Academy

Have you been stuck building your brand or launching it to a different level of success?
Align the Stars Academy is an inclusive development course that focuses on the brand itself and the people behind the scenes.

COMING Early 2022

Let's  Get   Started!


Favorite   Resources

 Build A Brand:
Vision Board

This workbook will help you build a vision board to keep you on track for building your ideal brand & start making money!


Track Your Abundance

Track everything coming into your life and discover just how abundant you are!
(It may just not be a cash exchange)

Coming Soon

Keeping a Journal
& Creating Content

30 Days of Journal Prompts you can use for authentic content creation and a clear brand voice - your voice!

Coming Soon


Helping women
 to show up unapologetically, to find fulfillment, and create abundance

 brand or goal behind them.

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