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The Passion Project

 The Full 7 Part curriculum outlined below. This is very loose outline.  I will be creating this program with you LIVE. This leaves space for creativity freedom and Bonuses created to give high value instead of just filler.

Live Coaching calls - 1x/month that you can access for the lifetime of the program.

Money Planning Sessions - 1x/month where we will set goals set the intention for the month from a very grounded soul-center place of decision making.

Co-Working Sessions - 1/x Month - Where we talk marketing, social media, and content creation. The power of these sessions are invitations to open yourself to new wealth paths.

Peer Supported Facebook group where like-minded people can gather for support, coffee breaks, and vulnerable shares between coaching calls. This space is the “Get-ready-with me” space of growth and development between session.

Journal Prompts, and visualizations to pull the thread of your ultimate 5-star life and business.
This program is 6 months and includes…


You've just landed off a first-class flight

Confirmation of deposit a $5000.00 from your bank

A DM on Instagram raving about changes they are already seeing in their lives from your signature offer they joined 4 days earlier.

An Email about this months royalities

Stripe confirming 6 clients downloaded your *welcome gift* offer

A text from your assistant letting you know she followed up on inquiries about the mastermind you mentioned casually in a IG story while waiting in line at security earlier.

Your driver letting you know he is waiting at baggage claim.

Your question box filled with suggestions of things to try this weekend.

Being wildly obsessed with your business might feel like a slight exaggeration right now - especially if you are running your business with chaotic rules & unrealistic expectations.

You have just enter the space of abundance and joy. You turn your phone on and the screen fills with notification. The old you would have been stressed and expected something to be wrong







Imagine this:


 Are you thinking - How?

If so -you are running your business by someone else's rules & expectations

If you have ever switched jobs there is that awkward period where you are trying to figure out the new norms and procedures - right?

Okay, so that same awkwardness exists in your business when you first start but it's a blank slate.

This isn't unique to you. Women, especially, struggle with this because well, you know the history.

no rules..no norms..no procedures

So we start to look at our peers.,our competition, and industry leaders. It's really simple because is is familiar. Maybe you are even paying yourself the same salary. You and your business are wearing a mask and the soul, the purpose, and magic of your original concept melt like a summer popsicle. 


September 22 - You'll get your invite into the group portal.
Put the Welcome Call on Your Calendar & Join the Facebook Group.


Join us as often as possible for coaching. The Welcome Call is
Monday October 16.
(Invitation to follow)

If you miss Calls

You will still receive access to the amazing coaching REPLAYS
getting the powerful transformation on your own time


Meet Your Host

Catherine Brunner

Hello, Friend!
My name is Catherine & I am a business coach for female entrepreneurs. I specialize in highlighting the unique magic you can bring into business.

Women especially are used to turning down the volume of their visability reducing their access to opportunties and way more money.

I have created a toolbox that has helped women 3x their business income and choose systems that fit the unique goals of their life and business.

This process is amazing at any time of your business plus unique, "crazy", amazing break-throughs - an extra scoop for the business sundae of delight. Together we can get closer to the 5-star business that got you started down this path of entrepreneurship.

"When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window"


Phase 1: The Toolbox

Module 1:
  • Introduction to Your Money Archetypes. an loving outside perspective on your relationships with money
Module 2:
  • Introduction to Profit First Planning and what you could implement based on your Money Archetypes.
Module 3:
  • Discover your core fear and the behaviors you dance with from a place of safety and fear.
Module 4:
  • What are the beliefs that come from your childhood that are cock-blocking your ability to make LOTS of money
Module 5:
  • We will look at your energetic chart and how your power and energy manifesting
Module 6:
  • Your business may be so intertwined with your life that having a clear brand identity doesn’t feel necessary but it is a wonderful roadmap.
Module 7:
  • We will get VERY clear on where you are now and how to drive the rocket ship toward your bright vibrant moonlit dreams..

The amount of transformation available in this phase is AWESOME!  This is not a phase that is one and done.

You'll find yourself going back again & again for more gorgeous gems of information.

Course Curriculum

Phase 2: Sit with YOU

Module 8:
  • Reflecting on all of the information you received in phase 1 we will sit back and engage with our inner child.
  • We will hold space from the internal bully that lives in your head. Letting you have the space to have a conversation and meet her with compassion and understand while changing the rules of her reality.
Module 9:
  • I will lead you through a visualization exercise where you step into money. This creates space for your to understand how you view money and connect with in from a position of empowerment and joy.
Module 10:
  • Homes are created as safe spaces. We will discuss the spaces of your business. You want to create a business you love spending time in. Even if its more like a vacation home than full-time place.

This phase is a POWER house process.
She may be little but she packs a punch.

Phase 3: Turn Up the Creative Vibe

Module 10
  • Create a Vision Board for the the 3 months. Plant the seeds for a season filled with magic
  • I’ll share my tips that helped me manifest my visions faster and more 
Module 11
  • Go on a treasure hunt for the value within the ideas you planted using the gifts, strengths, and qualities of your unique brand soul. The more we prime our wheels for creative thought and action the easier it is to move through the discomfort of projects beyond the current scale we are creating at.
Module 12
  •  Bring your story to life. I’ll show you the destinations along the way that will let you be vulnerable with your community with the foundation of a deep rooted knowing that your gifts are valuable and deeper connection requires an admission fee.

The passion and excitement are beginning to explode out of your business both in person and online.

Phase 4: I love it here.

Module 13
  • We will get very very very clear on who exactly you are talking to for this offering. This idea of a niche can feel limiting but when you know who you can help, how you can help them. You business isn’t saying “You can’t sit here” your business is saying - “You can sit here if you want but we this is a fundraiser to support XYZ” 
Module 14
  • Let’s explore your clients experience. If I were to close my eyes and imagine myself walking through the front door of your business because your window display sparked curiosity. You’ll walk me through the experience of being a customer.
  • As we go through this journey together I will speak freely about overwhelm, confusion, and unease I have along the way. You will receive a template to have willing participants fill out as they go through your client experience.
Module 15
  • Creating a Brand Kit - The Design Book and Guide of your business including the unique way I created my brand kit.
Module 16
  • Creating a Media Kit - The Resumé of your business. The freedom of creating this is you don’t have to sit there through the comfortable silence of thinking. It is the best representative of your company because it is quick reference guide to the magic you have already created.
Module 17
  • Asking for Funds - Determining your Price - Getting comfortable with just saying it. No wiggle. No extra.

What would you tip jar say if you were being SUPER honest. "TIPS - I don't need your two cents or Food For Thought. We take Credit Card, Venmo, or Cash around here"

Phase 5: Ain't No Hustle Here

Module 18:
  • Are you in a constant state of hustle? Are you running towards something or away from it?
Module 19:
  • Rewards and Celebrations are personal gold stars. How often are you celebrating? How often are you moving the finish line?
Module 21:
  • Pricing. The mindset behind you pricing and choosing your pricing.
Module 20:
  • Rest, Relaxation, and Family - Fitting in all the Love
Module 21:
  • Boundaries - Do they help you or hurt you? How can we stop people from pushing our buttons and blowing our confidence.



BONUS: Gain VIP Access to my  1:1 client Calendar

BONUS: Journal Prompts for the Enneagram, Money Archetypes, and Human Design and Tarot cards.

BONUS: Budgeting Workbook for those who want to budget but feel overwhelmed balancing business and personal

 & likely more since gift giving is my love language.

Catherine & Whimsy.

Money Archetypes: Maverick, Ruler, and Celebrity.
Enneagram 4w5
Energy Type: Projector
Human Design Life Theme: bring leadership to guide and direct as your energy supports vision for the future

I found my decisions started to make get easier when I looked at my business as an individual with its own energy and purpose. I'll teach you how I got to this information from within The Passion Project

Money Archetypes: Maverick, Romantic, Celebrity
Enneagram 7w8
Energy Type: Manifesting Generator
Human Design Life Theme: You are here to show others how to love being alive
Business Archetypes: Innocent & Explorer

"With your feet on the ground you're a bird in flight with your fist holding tight to the string of your kite."





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