hey friend!

I'm Catherine.
Joy Seeker and Mindset Mentor.

I am the heartbeat behind The Hundred Dresses Project and the mindset community - Wealthy Collective. Creating a network of woman who embrace their gifts and sprinkle their magic while making money and having fun.

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Choose Your Own Adventure:
Making More Money Edition

Your 5-star life may look less like Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf and a little more of what your life looks like now... but the magic of it amplified. Being rich doesn't mean taking on the identity of someone you barely recognize - This isn't a Clueless style makeover. Actually I bet you are totally clued in to what you want... you just need more money.

here's what i do:

The Hundred Dresses


Featuring 100 Dresses from a size inclusive brand that celebrates women of all styles, shapes, and dreams - While having fun and sharing the mindset shifts, celebrations, and stumbles along the way

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The Wealthy Collective

A meeting place where we talk about money. A safe place where you can talk about the ups and downs of making money, investing in your life, and be in community with other women who always want their own 5-star wealthy life

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Work Together

If you could just wake up and make more money - you'd be doing it. Something is stopping you emotionally so you can choose to work on your mindset. This isn't some "Make Six figured in 60 Days" Thing. We will find all the sparkle that lives inside you and amplify it's magic and your income.



Helping women create financial freedom and build lives that


Financial Freedom is not the same as being debt-free on paper. The things we say to ourselves along the way is important. Guilt, Shame, Anger, and Resentment are just a few emotions that you controlled and small. What are the emotions you want to feel?
Your financial freedom lives around the corner from those feelings!


make their hearts

Sweet Notes

My brain runs 100 miles an hour. Everyday I interact with two dozen things I'd love to talk honestly about. The things that are totally normal in our lives. These things may be on your vision board but everytime you think about getting it you think about all the things that make it hard. We can have safe conversations without being called a snob or judged. Your money, your experiences, your way.

Filled with social grace instead of social shame.


Twirling in pretty dresses.
& Talking about money like its normal
- because it is.