Location: The Grand Floridian Hotel - Walt Disney World
I am wearing: Wendy Dress in North Star Size Large

I chose this dress because last summer when I was deep into the brainstorming sessions of making this product a reality. Jessakae released the "Neverland" Collection. My favorite Disney movie growing up was Peter Pan. (I wore out 2 VHS tapes)

Faith and Trust is all you really need to fly. Pixie Dust is the trail of evidence reminding you it is possible. Between photographs I was able to talk to women. The excitement as they would respond " I need that, where do I follow? How Do I join? This is amazing!" it felt so good to know so much good was going to happen in the world when women are empowered by their bank accounts.

HAIR & Make Up

The Wendy Dress


Dress #1

hair pins