Hi there! I’m Catherine,
a money mindset mentor & the creative behind
The Hundred Dresses Project

My relationship with money looks like Maverick, Celebrity, Ruler and learning gives me the awareness to make money with ease and manage it with delight.


I was a believer that hard-work was the key to making money. Then I started tracking how I was making money.

I had it all backwards. The easiest actions were directly connected to the easiest and most abundant inflow. The harder I worked the more stuff I felt like I deserved because of the work. In reality I was deserving of things because I exist and the desire was put on my heart. MAJORS shifts started happening. Suddenly, during the middle of the pandemic when people  were saying things were "hard" and "tight" - I was free to embrace ease. Medical Debt, and Credit Card Debt just slipped away and deposits were flooding my bank account. Why? I was looking for doorways without locks and a badge of hard work. 

Now, Finding Abundance is like
hide and seek with a toddler

By choosing to be more available to ease and money. There was trial and error of boundaries and desires.

When I became certified in the Sacred Money Archetypes® I became painfully aware of where I was getting in my own way. It also allowed me the knowledge and language to express what I was going through and help others articulate their difficulties in reaching their goals.

Have you ever spent money right outside your comfort zone to learn something and feel like it was a huge fail? What "rules" did you decide were necessary. People like rules. They like to measure what counts and doesn't. Was the huge fail you went down a path not intended for you or did you start the journey with so much emotional baggage and requirements it was difficult from the get go.

Basically: Stop using someone else's wand to create your magic. Not every decision has to be so heavy you fall over from exhaustion before you start. I decided to start the Wealthy Collective as a place where we can not only celebrate our wins and talents but also create more ease with others who share or at least understand the values you'll learn through learning your Sacred Money Archetypes and investing in group coaching, workshops, retreats and possibly even a mastermind.

A fantastic place to achieve lifestyle change and a mindset shift around making money, spending money, and saving money at your own pace.

All The Personality Thing... Enneagram 4, Introverted ENFJ,
Maverick/Celebrity/Ruler, Projector, Leo Sun, Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising.

Top: Best Friend, E & Me
Left: Flowers picked on Adventure
Right: Peter Pan, Faith and Trust.


Catherine is the founder of Whimsy Explorer. She is the heartbeat behind The Hundred Dresses project and The Wealthy Collective. & TBH, the "rules" of making money are slowing you way to eff down to reaching financial freedom.




I don't do small bags.  I bring stuff to do everywhere I go. Always a Journal.


I am super curious. I ask questions to engage and learn. Good Questions typically lead to wonderful opportunities.


I'm super impulsive but am not flighty. 
My calendar is my favorite office tool.


I met my best friends knocking on doors and talking to strangers. All the things as a kid you're told not to do.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence


celeb i'd love to meet

Robert Redford

Guilty pleasure

Planning an Adventure

alternate universe job:

Party Planner.

At my BEST I kNOW:

I am Loved & Valued.

drink of choice

Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

can't live without

My journal

usually craving

Warm Bread, Brie, and Berries

beach vs mountains


favorite show to binge

SVU or The West Wing

Sweet Notes

My brain runs 100 miles an hour. Everyday I interact with two dozen things I'd love to talk honestly about. The things that are totally normal in our lives. These things may be on your vision board but everytime you think about getting it you think about all the things that make it hard. We can have safe conversations without being called a snob or judged. Your money, your experiences, your way.

Filled with social grace instead of social shame.


Twirling in pretty dresses.
& Talking about money like its normal
- because it is.