Join a community for women
focused on wealth.

Join a community
 for woman
focused on wealth.

Wealth is so much more than the dollar amount in your bank account.
It's the ability to be the best version of yourself to be benefit of everyone around you. The type of woman who can prioritizes love and passion.

Isn't it about time your Vision Board Started Coming to Life?

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The Wealthy Collective

Have you ever been felt snubbed about money? People thinking you make to little for everything you do but then also want a discount. People who laughed at your six figure business because they can't wrap their head around spending the money you ask for your product or service. Celebrating what feel like big wins are remarked as a waste? OR You make a little money and people make little comments about hoping you don't become a rich asshole.

None of that is on you. We are suppose to grow beyond our parents. We are suppose to proposer. Your friends... Should NEED you to stay small and helpless.

making money should be normal


Maybe you are where I was when I started focusing on my mindset

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 

You didn't feel in control of The money I was making


Being young I was surrounded by people who wanted what I was selling but couldn't pay for it. I'll share more on my experiences of running an online shop and the mindset issues I didn't know how to navigate.


When I started making money, I balanced it with budgeting. A lovely community of women but the focus was on STRETCHING their dollars for more experiences not simply making more of them.


My relationship with money - which is super helpful once you learn it (I'll teach you) - was feast or famine. You might be experiencing more of a "hold on for dear life" vibe or wondering "why we even have to talk about it-ugh" vibe. 


Maybe you just don't feel like YOU don't deserve it. It's never been there, You have to work super hard for it and your just done "ts a toxic cycle that controls people"

This doesn't need to be your reality

and guess what...

You can get really clear on your desires and dreams

People are going to say things. Right? Especially on social media. The thing is when you get really clear on the biggest of your WHY's those people who say they are supportive or concerned or whatever. You can be the gatekeeper of those dreams. This community will also keep those dreams safe until you are ready.

What if you looked at Making money the same way you looked at manifesting opportunities?

Using a special archetype system we will determine what common shadows linger around every corner because maybe you don't even know how to being dealing with it. Or "it's how everyone is with money" because you feel justified in your behavior emotionally and your wallet need to get on board.

I am going to talk about the behind the scenes things that lingered in taking on such a massive project without any immediate financial backing. The Emotional journey or being seen, using my voice, and the fear of opening doors to toxic comments and people. I'll also talk about the financial pieces I know I think about when I see creatives creating.

Inside the Community

Your Money Relationship

The Hundred Dresses

feature one

feature two

I'll give you the tools that I have found beneficial through all parts of my mindset journey.  The resources are  beneficial to you in different parts of your journey. Eventually you might want to invest more in developing your money mindset. We can totally get deeper into that stuff. Why you aren't growing anymore? Where you might need to stretch yourself and the pesky blocks that seem to show up over and over.

Mindset Lessons

feature four

Monthly having a group coaching call where we can get together and do spotlight coaching feels really delicious - putting faces to names and such. There are other times where getting out my microphone and sharing experiences feels just as important. So instead of choosing - we will do a mix of both!

Group Coaching & Podcasts

feature Three


Due to the Nature of this Program
We are not able to provide a refund.

This is a community group with digital downloads and exclusive insight. Woman who join our community are looking for a safe space to discuss their fears and anxieties that they encounter while making MASSIVE changes and MASSIVE impact in their lives and communities.

Part of giving women the comfort of this means joining the Wealthy Collective is seen as an investment. Monthly Members promotes people coming and going as they please and utilizing the resources without actually staying in the room.

You are have access to the room for 365 days at the very least.

This community is a work in progress meaning - it is constantly being developed.
Seeing as it is a NEW community you may not want to be part of the early development and that's okay. It's also okay if you don't have the funds now and it's okay if you just aren't sure.

My goal is to establish a safe space to talk about money - I am not trying to sell you on this.
You either vibe or you don't I'll keep working inside the group and the people who crave it - like warm chocolate croissants - will be all in.

Language to Stop Aunt Maggie from making rude comments about things you love in your home

How does this sound?

Learn to make money with ease and find more time for family, friends, vacations.



 you're going to get:

Establish new standards of what is acceptable with yourself, friends & family. 


Your needs and desires are not a problem and you have solutions if someone says the are.


Have a group of women who want to own their magic and celebrate together.


Yes, I'm in!

How It Works

for $375 a year.

First This

Go deeper into your money mindset with your Money Personality Quiz.

Then This

Connect with other women
discuss resources and changes you've made.
Share. Connect. Engage.

Finally, This

The WEALTHY COLLECTIVE OFFICIALLY OPENED JANUARY 1, 2023 AND IS a work in progress but perfection is my money block and I wanted to OPEN THE DOORS FOR THOSE BURSTING AT THE SeaMS TO GET STARTED

A year from now you'll will have wished you had started today...

"I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds"

—American Authors, Best DAy OF my life