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Income Disclosure

It is Whimsy Explorer's goal to always be focused on the reader, The viewer, the follower, the listener, the customer, or whatever title you give yourself as you interact with our work.
Here in our offices you will always be known as a 

 beautiful beings that are looking for honesty & solutions.

We believe in a fair wage WHEN paying the movers, shakers, makers, and creators, the ones you may not see. the people that are behind the scenes.
So you are probably wondering how we actually do this... right?

1. Affiliate Marketing : some of the links on our site are affiliate links. this means We earn a small commission for every sale that occurs through this link at no additional cost to you. If we include a link that supports our site we will let you know. If you are wondering if this means we receive free gifts we address our policy and procedure REGARDING gifts Below.

2. Patreon : If you are unfamiliar with patreon you pledge a monthly amount of CONTINUOUS support to whimsy explorer or any other creator uses the platform. You will receive special access and communication from us. Using Patreon we are able focus on spreading love and magic while someone else focused on billing, CANCELLATIONS, and pausing your account. It creates a balance for our team that seems to work really great for us.

3. Products : Whimsy Explorer has a variety of products available directly from our shop page. We also plan to have resources available in our posts that you can download choosing to support us or download for free in some cases.

4. donations : From Time to time we will place donation buttons on our content. WE will clearly mark if this donation is for FUNDRAISING for new projects & content you've asked for, Staying in house, or if it goes to a different CHARITY or organization.

As we evolve into different types of income streams we will update this list. Please check back from time to time and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the disclosure of gifts, sponsorships, collaborations, Advertisements, or donations.



there are three people we consider in the exchange

 1. Our Wildflowers
 2. The creator or brand
 3. Whimsy Explorer

Gifts to our wildflowers through giveaways and such are NOT Free Products given to us. we pay for them to support the creator. This allows us to control the conversation. we can affirm this worth to the creator/Brand.. Following this policy it affirms every giveaway is something we are actually willing to pay for versus "getting rid of it" or following the NARRATIVE PUSHED ON US BY ANOTHER brand. IT KEEPS OUR VOICE AUTHENTIC AND REAL.

we ask for a discount code to benefit those interested in supporting that brand or company. We may receive A commission from purchases made using these discount codes. We may also purchase items at cost if available.

Working with brands we love is a dream come true.  WE believe there is a WAY TO WORK TOGETHER and affirms their value AS A BRAND (THROUGH FULL PRICE PURCHASE OR WHOLESALE ORDERS), your value as a reader and allow all of us to thrive at the end of the day.

We hope that this clarifies any questions or concerns. If you are INTERESTED in working with us please use our contact form Below.



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grab a sweet tea & join me!